The Pacific Choral Academy is focused on a choral progression with a show choir capstone course. Beginning with acapella, students learn to read music and voice control. Through performances and industry partnerships, the academy seeks to empower students with poise, stage presence, and professional communication skills. Students learn entrepreneurial skills, project management strategies, and work with professionals in the field. They are booked for performances at various events in the community and state.

Through their core English and History classes, academy students learn how the power of song has been used historically to motivate people to persevere through hardship, as a tool for social transformation movements and also as propaganda and a building a more unified society. . .  It is run by Mark Flanagan, who has many years of experience as an entrepreneur/performer, as well as a leader of a renowned show choir that performs annually at Disney World.

If you are a business or nonprofit interested in partnering with the Pacific Choral Academy, please click here to volunteer for a range of activities that would be appreciated.