Law & Government Academy Students Step into Multiple Roles at the Richmond Police Department

For the second year in a row, we are so excited to have partnered with the Richmond Police Department for a day of interactive, career-focused activities, to support students in DeAnza High School’s Law and Government Academy.

Activity Highlights

Students learned about various roles in the police department through a number of workshops including:

  • The chain of command and the variety of roles available
  • Individual career pathways to becoming a police officer
  • The CSI chain of evidence,  tools, molds, information and fingerprinting techniques
  • Mock trials and the day-to-day work of the DA’s office
  • The role of a detective, how cases are filed and how evidence is used
  • How to conduct a canine search
  • SWAT demonstrations, rescue missions, including the equipment used in crisis negotiation
  • The role of women and people of color in the department

Special thanks to Michelle Milam for all her support in organizing the study trip, as well as all of the speakers and presenters that made the day possible including Lieutenant Tan, Assistant Chief French, Mandy Swirsding, Victor Wang, Simon O’Connell, CSI Cuellar, Detective Villalobos, Sergeant Parker, as well as Officers England, Finaly, Walker, Katz, Reina, Palma, Pagaling and the K9 Ranger.