The Pinole Valley High School Law & Justice Academy students have many work-based learning opportunities. From field trips to extensive courses, our students are prepared to take their next steps in the Law & Justice fields once graduated. Below is a list of examples of some work-based learning opportunities.

  • We are fortunate to have a strong partner in the Cal Berkeley Summer Legal Fellowship Program: Youth Law Works. Students are prepared by industry professionals in soft skills and participate in a mock trial, and they are placed in internships with the offices of the Mayor, District Attorney, and the Public Defender, among others.
  • Students participate in a Mock Trial at the Martinez Courthouse. During this opportunity, students act as judge, jury, attorneys, defendant, and plaintiff.
  • Students frequently go on field trips to Alcatraz, the Martinez Courthouse, the California Supreme Court, the Alameda County  Sheriff Training Center, and San Quentin, Folsom and Santa Rita Prisons. Law Academy field trips usually focus on law enforcement and probation vs. attorneys and judges.
  • Frequent on-campus reverse job shadow opportunities with District Attorneys, police officers, CHP, and more. This is in collaboration with Junior Achievement.
  • The Law Enforcement Exploring Program with the Hercules Police Department and the Pinole Police Department. In this program, students learn first hand the duties and responsibilities of police officers and are therefore better able to make a decision about whether law enforcement is a right career choice for them. They are also given much-needed training and experience to help get them to the next step.