Jonathon’s Internship Story

jonathan-ncIn my fourth week at Nerd Crossing, I had to do the most daunting task I had ever had to in my time there. I had to do Angelica’s job all by myself because she went to go have fun on her day off. I answered phones as usual, and also did some basic admin stuff. It all seemed pretty easy until a customer called and asked me to schedule a house call and I didn’t have anybody to ask questions to. I had to quote prices all by myself I had to check the support calendar all by myself I had to schedule a non conflicting appointment for our SUPER BUSY technicians. I had to take into account that the customer also had a busy schedule and had to play a logistical game of tetris to make sure that the customer was taken care off, and that was just one customer.

After that the phones would not stop ringing, meanwhile Jim asked me to fix up a couple of computers that were waiting in the lab. So I spent my day doing my best to juggle Angelica’s insanely difficult job whilst attempting to fix the broken computers in the lab. It was a really great learning experience for me on the admin side of things. It helped me to realize that there is a reason why you hire certain people for certain jobs. It also taught me that I can handle the load and that made me very happy. I have to say I am nowhere near as good nor as fast as Angelica however I can get the job done.

In week 4 I also got my encryption flyer design up to par then be used for the upcoming Encryption email campaign. Upon finishing the final design, Lauren my marketing manager, was proud and happy enough with my designs to ask me to do another design for her. This design would be the new banner for the Nerd Crossing company. After some self reflection on the assignment I realized that this banner is one of the faces of the company and the fact that my employers are comfortable and trustworthy enough in my graphic design skills to let me create a face of the company provides more self assurance than I could ask for.

I am happy to be one of the Interns working here at Nerd Crossing this summer. It continues to be an extremely rewarding and educational experience.