Host an Intern

Internships are critically important for young people as they prepare them for life after high school and also serve to motivate students in high school. An internship that provides a rich learning environment sends an important message to students: learning and earning are intrinsically related. We’re looking for internships that will teach and develop critical work-based skills needed for success. Students will have prepared resumes listing their skills and interests, and every effort will be made to send employers interns that match their business focus. Students will go through an intern preparation seminar before being sent out on internships.

You’ll be helping our students AND helping your business by tapping into this excellent source of energetic young talent! Interns and intern hosts will be supported by a district liaison to help make for a satisfying experience on both sides. Intern hosts can also be assisted to create projects for interns that meet business and learning needs.

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Intern Forms:

Intern Request Online Form PDF
Intern Exit Evaluation PDF
Intern Observation Form by District Advisor PDF
Intern Progress Review by Site Supervisor PDF
Internship Agreements and Family Notification PDF