Every Academy meets with a professional Advisory Board  to review curriculum,  exchange ideas and plan enrichment activities. Advisory Board members also try to help pull in other professionals and find learning opportunities for students, including but not limited to field trips, guest speakers and job shadowing. Advisory Board meetings are usually in the early evening and last one to two hours.

  • Ron Whittier

    Founder of Tech Futures

  • Jim Hammack

    CEO/Chief Nerd of Nerd Crossing

  • Mary Phillips


  • Claudine Feibusch

    Retired Project Manager

  • Pamela Rudy

    CIS Head of Department at Contra Costa College

  • Jamie Gonzalez

    Tech Futures

  • Barrie Hathaway

    Stride Center

  • Sue Hartman

    IT Director of the City of Richmond

  • Jael Myrick

    City of Richmond

  • P.F. Ball
  • Randy Watkins

    Contra Costa County Business Office - Information Technology