The Pinole Valley High School Health Academy has multiple work-based learning opportunities for students from 9th to 12th grade. Whether they’re participating in training at medical facilities or applying for certifications, our students are more likely to graduate with one foot in the door of the Health industry. Below is a list of just some recent work-based learning opportunities our students have experienced.

  • Although this pathway is more focused on biomedical research, the skills are widely transferable, and some students choose also to obtain their Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certificate through Contra Costa College while in their senior year, a program arranged jointly by WCCUSD and CCC.
  • Students may also earn their CPR and Red Cross certifications, as well as other health certificates while in the pathway.
  • Students tour the Gladstone Institute in San Francisco. The Gladstone Institute is on the cutting edge of stem cell research, a highly important and growing field. Here, they are able to learn a glimpse of what it takes to use stem cells to fight unsolved diseases, make discoveries in the field of genetics and much more.
  • Students attend at least two study trips a year, such as an experiential visit to Bio-Rad, UCSF Orthopaedic Trauma Institute, and Merritt Medical College.
  • Students often visit Touro University in Vallejo for two major reasons. The first is that senior students are allowed to tour the anatomy lab and get a more immersed experience in what that field entails. The second is the Teen Life Conference, which is an outreach program that allows local youth to interact with the Touro University medical students. This engagement helps the Pinole Valley High School students get a better understanding of what it takes to participate in and graduate with a Health degree.
  • This pathway begins in grade 9 with an introductory course in biomedical science, followed in grade 10 by a more in-depth biomedical course that is aligned with Project Lead the Way, a well-respected organization. Juniors then take a course in human body systems and end their pathway sequence as seniors with a Medical Interventions course.


Summer 2018 internship at Pinole Family Dental

Andrew, from Pinole Family High School, has been summer interning in our office. In the past three weeks, he’s had fun learning about all aspects of dentistry and even observed major oral and periodontal surgeries. 
We loved having Andrew and other neighboring high school students here in hopes they will enter a health care profession to help others in their community!