The Pinole Academy of Green Engineering is a group of students interested in experiencing how new technology is designed. Students prepare to address the technological challenges of the 21st century by learning the group design process, orthographic and isometric sketching, coding and constructing VEX robotics, and by learning of and using countless other tools and tests that are employed by many professionals in a wide variety of engineering fields. Students travel to regional high-tech firms to tour their facilities or to shadow engineers at their work. They hear from many more professionals in engineering when they visit the campus and assist and evaluate student capstone projects.  From inter-campus competitions to reaching out to younger students considering joining our academy, engineering is a tight-knit, lively group that loves to learn about the latest gadgets and to step up to our world’s new technological challenges.  It is led by Angela Johnson, who worked in the engineering field before becoming a teacher. Engineering students also have an opportunity to be part of a competitive robotics team after school.

If you are a business or nonprofit interested in partnering with the Pinole Academy of Green Engineering, please click here to volunteer for a range of activities that would be appreciated.