• Alberto S.

    Alberto graduated from Richmond High School in 2016 and will attend California Polytechnic State University, majoring in Civil Engineering. During his internship at the Lawrence Berkeley Hall of Science, he helped build a prototype of a robot–an aerodynamic plane theme that shows how the exhibit works. Excitingly, this is still on exhibit! Alberto participated in many work-based learning opportunities, including the Fab Lab, e-Bike competition (in which he earned 2nd place) and the Chevron Science Fair. On top of all that, Alberto also volunteers and tries to help the environment with his Engineering skills.

  • Diana R.

    Diana will be a Senior during the 2016-2017 academic school year. Not only is she part of the Richmond High School Robotics Team, she was also selected to participate in the Ivy League Connection for the Summer of 2016, during which she will attend Pennsylvania University for three weeks to study Social Justice. She also participated in the Discovery Engineering Summer Camp in Hayward. Diana is extremely well-rounded, eager and a great example of one of our many Engineering Pathway success stories.

  • Humberto M.

    Humberto is another recent graduate of Richmond High School. He will be attending UC Merced to major in Mechanical Engineering. Not only is he a member and participant of the Robotics Club, soccer team, e-Bike Competition, and the Grand Opening of the Fab Lab, he was even hired to train teachers on how to use the Fab Lab.

  • Dayana N.

    Another 2016 graduate, Dayana is set to study Civil Engineering at San Diego State University. She participated in STEM Career Awareness in Berkeley, Computer Science Day at UC Berkeley and many more programs and work-based learning opportunities. Her aspirations are to build objects to help better the world.