The De Anza Law Academy students go on multiple field trips and experience many work-based learning opportunities. Below are examples are some of these work-based learning opportunities.

  • We are fortunate to have a strong partner in the Cal Berkeley Summer Legal Fellowship Program: Youth Law Works, and have an excellent and engaged advisory board. Students are prepared by industry professionals in soft skills and participate in a mock trial, and then are placed in internships with the offices of the Mayor, the District Attorney, and the Public Defender, among others.
  • Seniors go on an all-day tour of San Quentin State Prison. This intense tour involves not only speaking with the guards and workers, but also the inmates. Inmates enlighten students on how and why they got put in San Quentin–from the arrest through the trial, and the entire law process.
  • Sophomores spend an entire day at the Richmond Police Department. There, they speak with the officers, detectives, and administration about the process of working for the Richmond PD and what day-to-day operations are like.
  • Recently, students attended the Annual Legislative Learning Day at the State Capitol. There, they toured the facilities and engaged with state legislators. They had the opportunity to learn the nuances of several bills by meeting with over 15 legislative members and their staff.
  • This pathway begins in grade 10 with an Introduction to Law course, during which students learn about the structure of our legal system, Constitutional due process rights, and trial process. In their second year, students participate in mock trials and may decide to be part of an after-school team that competes at the County level and beyond. During this process, students practice sound reasoning skills, persuasive argumentation, counter-argumentation through cross-examination, and presentation of evidence.