The Richmond High School Creative and Performing Arts Production Pathway has multiple work-based learning opportunities. The pathway is excited to say that they are moving to include more learning opportunities for fine arts, music, visual arts, symphonic band, score, writing music, sculpting music, murals with political/social themes, and much more.

  • The CAPA production pathway has a strong partnership with Masquers, and local and East Bay theater production companies, which have been generous in offering guidance and internships.
  • The Creative and Performing Arts Production Pathway begins in grade 10 with Set Design and Construction, where students learn the principles of design and use of a CAD program, as well as carpentry and other hands-on skills in the wood shop for constructing sets. They learn to work with the production team to come up with a set that matches the mood and time period of each scene or production, and how to schedule work and complete on time.
  • In grade 11, they learn how to work lighting and sound systems in a course in technical theater.
  • The pathway culminates in a theater production course, in which they learn project management skills—from conception to marketing to performance.