• Nicole Watamaniuk

    Brianna has also been practicing jazz dance for years and has recognition for her long term dance resume. She recently graduated from Richmond High School and participated extensively in the CAPA Pathway.

  • Eduardo P.

    Eduardo completed his Junior year at Richmond High School in 2016. He aspires to become an actor and participates in as many theatre endeavors as possible. He is part of an after school theatre group and has won awards for his acting skills.

  • Brandy F.

    Another student that is graduating in 2016 is Brandy. He has done many contributions to the whole academy and has been apart of more than just school activities. He participates in a dance group called BBoys, acted in the plays FOOLS and participates in his Theater Production class. He is someone that is an ideal CAPA student and has learned skills and experiences that will help him throughout his future.