97.5% of pathway students graduated, compared to a district average of 84.7%. 86% of pathway student grads planned to continue their education, compared to 80% grads district-wide. 92% of Pathway students visited with career professionals at work. 39% had opportunities for internships.


The mission of the West Contra Costa County Unified School District is to prepare students for college and their future careers. The College and Career Readiness Collaborative is a team of educational leaders dedicated to empowering college & career academies to develop, monitor, and sustain outstanding programs of study aligned to an in-demand sector, such as engineering, IT, health, public service, light/sound tech, internet tech, and web design.

College & Career Pathways is West Contra Costa County Unified School District’s portal that connects students participating in Career Academies with businesses and nonprofits. This successful program allows our local students to thrive in fields of their choice and prepare them for the workforce.

College & Career Pathways (WCCUSD Pathways) makes it easy for businesses and nonprofits look for student interns. By filling out a simple form, we will connect your organization with a hardworking intern who is looking to learn in your industry.